Brussels sprouts recipe people who hate brussel sprouts will love

I'm not fond of brussels sprouts. No, I hate brussels sprouts.

Okay, lets cut to the chase. I loathe brussels sprouts.

But I'm doing this almost vegetarian thing, so I figure I better try them again and when I did I learned an important lesson and invented a brussels sprout recipe so easy it takes under five minutes to make and so good the husband has actually requested it. More than once.

Once I post this, I'm planning to be totally insufferable for the rest of the day. Just saying.

Everything I learned about vegetables I learned from brussels sprouts
Well, not everything, mind you. But I did learn one really important lesson. Whoever made them for me when I was a kid (overworked cafeteria lady, most likely, because the cooks in my family could cook) butchered them (and a ton of other vegetables) so wickedly I never wanted to eat them (and a bunch of other vegetables) again.

Heck, just the cabbage reek put me off.

Fast forward a million years later to me, good almost vegetarian that I am and . . .

Vegetarian recipe for brussels sprouts so good the husband will actually ask for them
Brussels sprouts (I fill a bag about a third or half)
Small knob of butter
Small splash of olive oil
Chestnuts (I get the vacuum sealed package)
Sea salt and fresh black pepper

Wash the brussels sprouts, then cut them in half and removing the core if it is too hard. Don't worry if some of the outer leaves come off.

Heat your sauté pan. When it is warm, add your butter and oil. When they are warm (a minute should do), add your brussels sprouts, cut side down. Dump the escapee leaves on top. They should suffer, too.

Leave five minutes or so until the brussels sprouts are golden brown (the trick to getting good color is to keep yourself from stirring the brussels sprouts). Turn your sprouts and add your chestnuts.

Cook until heated through, another five minutes or so. Add several good grinds of black pepper and a dash of sea salt. Taste. Add more (people, including me, tend to never add enough in the first place).

Thoughts and musings about brussels sprouts
- I serve these on rice for a main course, but they also make a great side dish.

- I think these might be nice with stir fried tofu, but I haven't got around to trying it yet I'm just so damn grateful we're eating brussels sprouts in the first place.

- If I am feeling industrious, I add onions to this (I caramelize them as I caramelize the brussels sprouts). If I am feeling really industrious I use shallots, instead. But shallots are so fussy to work with that there better be jewellery at the end of the meal.

- I keep meaning to splash a tablespoon or so of balsamic vinegar on these after I turn them. I keep forgetting, but I bet it would be divine.

- The further you get from Thanksgiving and Christmas, the harder it is to find vacuum sealed chestnuts; so load up during the holidays and ignore the cashier who wonders what on earth you plan to do with all those chestnuts, honey.

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