Genetically modified foods in clear language

What is genetic modification and does it involve aliens and probes?

No, it does not. But it is just as scary. And here’s the lowdown.

Genetic modification: The fast and easy explanation
Genetic modification is a form of biotechnology that manipulates genes. Our concern, in this blog, is when it is used to manipulate the genes in the DNA of items we will eat.

Why bother manipulating DNA?
For lots of reasons. Such as to make crops resistant to pests. Or make it drought resistant. Or even make it grow faster.

What crops are being genetically modified (GM)?
GM crops include everything from maize to cotton to soya beans. (I’m not even going to address the issue of genetically modified animals. As an almost vegetarian and animal lover, it strikes me as so obviously wrong and horrendous that I don’t want to go near it. GM crops are scary enough.)

Who is growing genetically modified crops?
Pretty much every advanced nation from the US and Brazil to Canada, Argentina, Spain, France, and Germany. So this is a worldwide issue.

So what’s the problem with genetically modified foods?
GM foods have just not been around long enough for us to know what the long-term effects are to us and our families as well as to the creatures that occupy this world with us and, of course, the environment.

Then there is the fear of what will happen when genetically modified crops cross-pollinates with wild plants. And, big scary, once genetically-modified plants are unleashed large-scale (and we are on our way), if the results are horrific, is there any going back? Or is the damage done?

What’s your take on genetically modified foods?
Personally, as an almost vegetarian, I figure I am investing so much time and effort eating a healthy diet, it would be nuts to screw it up by eating genetically modified foods. So I would prefer to avoid them. But I’d like to know your take on it. Is this something that concerns you? Or not? And if it does, what should we do about it?