Just in Time for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving: A nasty etiquette problem

This is my fourth and last Just in Time for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving posts.

It all started last Monday with a post on great finds to help make all that cooking just a bit easier for the almost vegetarian (these finds will be just as good for the December holidays, so if you missed the post, you might want to pop back and see). Then, last week, there was a post on some really fun presents starting at less than $10 (hey, if you are looking for holiday gifts, it, too, might be worth popping back to see).

Then yesterday was a post on vegetarian wine. And, today, just in time for your almost vegetarian Thanksgiving, I have a light post with a little etiquette question I am sure you were pondering, too.

So I am turning to you, Internet, for advice.

The problem is . . .
I don't know what to do about people who eat with their mouth wide open.

See, I was at a nice event the other day, nice enough that people had to drag out their good clothes, and I ended up seated next to this lovely-looking woman who ate with her mouth wide, wide open.

You can imagine how the sight of that, and the noise of that, put me off my dinner.

And the question is . . .
What, if anything, can I do about this?

See, I figured I had three options: Leave, ask her to please eat with her mouth closed, or stay.

I did not leave. It was a small space and it would have been very obvious I was moving to get away from her. I didn't want to embarrass her.

I did not ask her to eat with her mouth closed. Again, I really did not want to embarrass her .

So I stayed
(sometimes I can be a very polite almost vegetarian!). Even though it really was very nasty being subjected to this spectacle. So much so that it literally put me off my dinner.

What does the Internet say?
So I turn to you, dear reader. What should I do? Bearing in mind that I don't want to hurt anyone. I simply want to enjoy the pleasure of my meal without being subjected to anyone else's meal. Please help. What would you do?