New Moon Kitchen Corporation hiding a chemical and more!

New Moon Kitchen Corporation putting petrochemical, synthetic vanillin into more than half their cookies and oops not mentioning this (or the processed white sugar, either) on any ingredient list, a chunk of wood found in a package of Earthbound Farms lettuce, cookbook author Colette Rossant claiming to be "A James Beard Award-winning journalist" when she never actually won . . . this has been a year of disappointments.

But, luckily, it has also been a year of good news and interesting topics, from my funny and real life post on how I dragged my husband kicking and screaming away from burgers and toward a nice, juicy tofu to a fascinating list of vegetarian athletes (who knew half these people were vegetarians?) even to a post on green sex!

So let's look back at the five most interesting or helpful posts of the year.

How a vegetarian can save money at the grocery store
Welcome to the recession of 2009 where income is less and expenses are more. Still trying to eat healthy? Then here are some tips to help you eat well, just when you need them most.

How to get high fructose corn syrup out of your diet for good
It is everywhere, like a bad smell, and just as difficult to get rid of. Still, there are ways to battle this stuff, and some of them are listed right here.

Taking the mystery out of TOFU!
If your New Year's resolution is to eat healthier, or even go vegetarian, then this is the first ingredient you must know about. And, bonus, it is cheap and healthy, delicious, and easy to cook with.

Vegetarian disaster planning
Who knew vegetarians needed their own disaster planning? But, unless you want to gnaw beef jerky (vile stuff) then we do, we really do. This post should get you thinking; it did me!

Brussels sprouts recipe people who hate brussel sprouts will love
There are tons of almost vegetarian recipes on this blog (if you want to see 'em, hit the recipes search button in the top right corner). This brussels sprouts recipe is typical of the recipes I like best: Super easy, super healthy, and super tasty. And, as it turns out, super popular.

Happy New Year all! See you in 2009.