New Moon Kitchen Corporation hiding a petrochemical ingredient

Several months ago I caught New Moon Kitchen Corporation hiding a chemical in more than half their cookies. Here are the uncontested facts:

1. New Moon Kitchen Corporation used synthetic vanillin (cheap alternative to real vanilla) in more than half their cookies

2. New Moon Kitchen Corporation didn't put this chemical on their ingredient list

3. New Moon Kitchen Corporation promoted their cookies as "natural" despite this chemical

And the fun just keeps on coming ...

New Moon Kitchen Corporation caught with dirty hands in the cookie jar
Every since I broke this story, I have periodically received messages accusing me of picking on this poor, money-making corporation. So here is what I am going to do. First, I am going to post the newest message after the break. Second, anytime I see or hear anything more about this on any site, I will post that, too. And I will post it with the undisputed fact: I caught New Moon Kitchen Corporation hiding a chemical in their cookies.

And here's the message from surprise, surprise, an anonymous friend of New Moon Kitchen Corporation
Dear Almost Vegetarian,I cannot even say I respect your views as your article is BLATANT LIBEL and a viscous gesture towards a wonderful endeavor: cookies which are delicious, nutritious, and far tastier than most other vegan/kosher baked goods. The supposed contaminants you refer to are in such quantities that breathing the air in a large city will cause more lasting harm than sitting in front of Bridget Jones, opening a bag and doing the best to keep from eating the whole thing.I say supposed as I already have read the treehugger interview and have noticed your absolute commitment to have your head shoved so far up our own "almost vegetarian" ass you could perhaps find that last bit of meat still there from the last time you broke and became "almost omnivore". It s almost surprising you are squeamish as to charred animal bones when you have supped on animal musculature, but then, you can soak your head in that petrochemical for all I care.I can hardly expect this post to become public, but this is a message for you, the writer, who I believe is a tad bitter for only writing about the "almost" community instead of really contributing to it like New Moon.