Big announcement!

Two years ago, I became very interested in food. Particularly in health and nutrition. But, along the way, I also became interested in food itself. Specifically, the preparation of it.

See, I figured out that no one is going to eat their nice, healthy vegetables unless those vegetables are pretty damn tasty.

So I've been reading every cookbook I could get my hands on. And watching every decent cooking show to learn techniques. Which got me interested in how food is prepared.

Which brings me to a big announcement. Actually, TWO big announcements.

I am going to culinary school
I have signed up. And I am going to share with you what I learn. Heaven help us all!

I am starting a new blog:
At Cooking School Confidential, I'll focus on what it is like to go to cooking school (doh!). It should be fun (erm, fun? maybe scary!)

I'll keep writing for
Well, I can't give up my beloved AlmostVegetarian, so I'll write this, too. But, here, I'll talk about cooking school from a vegetarian point-of-view. Like my qualms about cooking with meat (please don't throw banana peels at me; there just are no real cooking schools with a vegetarian curriculum; believe me, I searched). And any brilliant cooking techniques I pick up, silly anecdotes, and, of course, cooking disasters.

Be the very first to see
I want to invite my AlmostVegetarian friends to be the first to see my new blog, so here it is: The entire thing crashed yesterday (so predictable, isn't it?!) and was rebuilt today (long day), so it's a bit rough around the edges, but I'd love to hear what you think.

Two for the price of one
Of course, I hope you'll follow my cooking adventures on both and And please send lots of good thoughts. I'm nervous about going back to school. And, oh, did I mention I moved to a new state to do all this? As if I didn't have enough pressure already.

Good heavens! What was I thinking?