A little taste of cold comfort

I hate the cold. I would live in a warm, sunny place all the time if I could. So when the weather gets cold, I have two surefire sources of cold comfort: Tea and a blankey.

Let me explain.

I live in one of the warmest cities I have ever lived in — no more Snoopy dances in what is inevitably a futile attempt to cling to dignity and balance on a sheet of black ice, no more stinging sleet making my clothes sodden and heavy, no more games of dodge-the-skidding-car as I desperately attempt to get home.

Still. We have the rain. And the chill. And gray, gray days that last for weeks. So I know cold. And I've got the remedy.

Tea for two
I'm a big believer in a decent cup of tea. So much so that it is usually the first thing I start my day with and the last thing I end it with.

And it is important enough that it is worth my while to get the best tea I can get my hands on. And, these days, that's Tea Forte tea. (I've written about them before, just in a different context, right here.)

Black tea
I'm a big drinker of black teas. So the teas I am drinking these days (all from Tea Forte) are:
  • Earl Grey
  • Orange Pekoe
  • Bombay Chai
Earl Grey is my favorite tea of all time. Favorite as in, if I could only take one tea to a deserted island, this would be the one.

This Earl Grey is an Assam black tea blended with a bergamot oil. It smells like perfume to me. And the taste? Absolutely comforting. I drink this mornings.

Now, the Orange Pekoe is not the tea-bag-in-a-styrofoam-cup of your childhood. No, this Orange Pekoe has a lovely, mellow taste, ideal when you want something less brisk than Earl Grey. This tends to be my evening tea.

And the Bombay Chai is a black tea laced with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and ginger. The taste is divine. But even if it were not, the smell alone would warm you. This is my lazy Sunday treat.

But how do you brew a good cuppa?
I've already got that covered for you, right here. And if you're worried about tea's dirty little secret (tea stains), I talked about that, too.

Warmth from the outside, in
The tea warms your insides. But what about your outsides? Well, I've got you covered (so sorry for the pun) there, too.

What you need is a throw. Something big enough to snuggle under with your sweetie and warm enough to make that snuggling worthwhile. And the best throw I've found is the Hudson's Bay Capote Throw.

If you are not familiar with the Canadian-originated (but now American-owned) Hudson's Bay Company, let me introduce you. See, the Hudson's Bay Company used to have outposts throughout Northern Canada. At these outposts, they would trade wool blankets with Native Americans. The much-prized blankets became famous enough that they are traded, still, today. Only today, of course, they only trade for cash!

Now here's the good part. First, the throw is 100% wool. Second, it is also water-resistant. Third, it is both thick and soft. Fourth it is big (42" x 70"). And, fifth, it is warm, warm, warm.

Which means that all you need is someone to share it with to make it just perfect.

Keep warm!