Two, TWO recipes in one!

I learned how to make this sauce at culinary school and this is the most versatile cold sauce I know. Versatile because, just by the addition of, say, some minced garlic or, say, some lemon zest, you can totally change the flavor of it.

Now, once I give you this recipe, you will love me for life. Why? Because this is one of those recipes that gets 'em eating their vegetables. Sure, this makes the world's best dip. But, hey, I also love to slather it on veggie sandwiches.

But, alas, you will also hate me. Why? Because I am about to ruin you for the supermarket stuff for all time.

Good thing this sauce is so wonderfully easy to make!

Mayonnaise recipe
1 egg yolk
1/2 teaspoon salt
white pepper, to taste
1/4 teaspoon dry mustard
1 tablespoon wine vinegar
1 cup salad oil
lemon juice, to taste

Place the egg yolk in a bowl and add your dry mustard. What? No dry mustard in the house? No worries. Just scoop out a teaspoon or more from your mustard jar (and do please use the nice Dijon and not the fluorescent yellow stuff that we all slather so liberally on those crunchy stadium hot dogs) and add that.

Now, if you used the dry mustard, dribble in your vinegar. If you used the wet, don’t bother.

Go ahead and whip until your mixture turns almost a buttery yellow color (if you used jarred mustard, it won’t get quite that light, of course, but it will lighten a bit).

Now, slowly and carefully, add your oil, drop by drop, whipping as you go.

Starting to come together nicely? That’s your emulsion. Now that you have one, you can add your oil a bit faster. Still holding together nicely? Then you can really start adding that oil with a generous hand.

Ah oh, is it too thick? No worries, add a bit of water, say half a teaspoon or more, as needed.

Keep whipping.

Get all your oil in there. Nice and thick? Good. Then add some lemon juice (I used at least half a lemon) and a good dash of salt. Taste. Need more? Add more.

Keep going until it is delicious.

Then refrigerate until needed.

Aioli recipe
If you can do a mayo, you can do an aioli. Don’t believe me? Mince a garlic clove or two. Stir it into your mayonnaise.

There you go.

Now accept whatever applause comes your way.