And now, for a little potato gratin recipe

(I just typed potato with an "e" at the end. Dan Quayle, will you get out of my head!)


Here is the world's easiest recipe for one of the world's most satisfying dishes. Good news #1: The kids will eat it. Good news #2: The husband will eat it and (bonus good news) never clue in that he is eating (heaven forbid) vegetables!

And, good news #3: This is fancy enough to serve to company.

Best of all, this is silly easy to make.

Deliciousness on a fork
I made the recipe, below, at cooking school, and it is so easy we didn't even measure any of the ingredients. We just used "enough." Enough potatoes and onions to fill the casserole. Enough cheese so it tastes good (which, in my book, means a lot). And enough dairy (cream and butter) so it is rich. Add to that, a clove of garlic and, wow, you are just a breath away from delicious!

Now, two thoughts. First, if you want to up the vegetable quota here, just saute some kale or chard or spinach in a pan with a bit of oil and garlic, just until it is wilted, and add that in a layer in the middle of your gratin. Second, if you want this as a main course, I'd serve it with a salad. And, if you want to be insanely healthy, I'd have fruit for dessert. Then go for a ten-mile jog. At least.

Vegetarian recipe: Potato gratin
Thinly slice some potatoes (drag out the mandoline, if you have one), finely dice some onions, and grate some cheese (I used gruyere).

Get a garlic clove, dab of butter, and splash of cream.
Rub the crushed garlic clove around the inside of your pan (I used a loaf pan) and do the same with the butter.
Overlapping the potatoes, layer them, then salt, then a light dab of cream, then a pinch of onions, sprinkle of pepper, and drizzle of cheese in your pan. Repeat until you get to the top, finishing with a layer of cheese.
Pop it in the oven until it is bubbly and brown on top, then let me know it is ready.
I’ll bring my own fork!