Vegetarian recipe for roasted garlic and garlic bread

Bread may just be the most perfect food in the world.

And the most perfect bread is garlic bread.

The problem is, I don't want to use all that butter (yes, it is yummy, but it is also killer fattening). The solution? Roasted garlic. I have a recipe for it. And, good news, it is crazy easy!

The crazy thing is I had never made roasted garlic before I went to culinary school. I read about it, sure, but never made it.

This was one of the best parts of culinary school - getting to play with food!

Vegetarian recipe for roasted garlic
Peel as many garlic cloves as you like (alternatively, simply cut the top of a bulb, maybe a third of an inch down or so, to expose the garlic cloves). Toss with a tablespoon or two of olive oil. Put in a pan (I used a pie tin) and pop into a hot oven until they are soft (it took me nearly half an hour at 350 f).

Simply squeeze the garlic onto bread for the world's most satisfying garlic bread (oh, I also add a good pinch of sea salt).

But don't stop there. You can use roasted garlic all sorts of places. Such as squeezed on top of roasted vegetables for instant flavor.

And, bonus, you won't have to worry about any pesky vampire action. At least for a while!